Facing the air situation of Vietnam in particular and the world in general, air purifiers are the most urgent and effective solution to protect your family’s atmosphere. Therefore, you need to understand its nature and function. This article will answer your most frequently asked questions about an air purifier.

1.Does the air purifier help keep the air more cooler?

As we mentioned in the previous post about the difference between a fan and an air purifier, when you place the air purifier near you, the blades will make you feel cooler, similar to 1 fan. However, because its main function is to purify the air and the blade profile is not large, the air purifier only helps to support the conditioning based on your available room temperature.

Using a combination of a fan or air conditioner with an air purifier will be the best way to give you true comfort and safety.

2.Can growing trees indoors help replace the air purifier’s function of air purifier?

This is also a thing that makes many people confused, especially in the context that environmental protection is becoming hot. The indoor tree growing trend comes from a NASA report in 1989. Planting trees in your home, both to decorate the green space and protect the atmosphere. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

However, modern scientific reports have shown, you will need a “pretty large” number of trees to protect the atmosphere for your family. Specifically, with a room area of ​​100m2, for example, you will have to use up to 1000 trees for the purification level to be enough to meet the IQ AIR standard for the freshness of the air. Homegrown plants can be great at boosting our moods and energies, but not in terms of removing pollutants that are suspended in the air.

3.How to use an air purifier in the right way?

A few tips for optimizing the air purifier for your home.

– Place the machine neatly and at least 15 cm away from the wall: Make the sensor, inlet and air outlet work at their correct capacity.

– Do not place the device in the sun, humid places and near magnetic devices.

– The air purifier works best in an enclosed space: When placed in an enclosed space, harmful volatile compounds or pollutants from the outside air hiding inside the house will be processing, the air flow cycle will be much better.

The enclosed space also prolongs the life of the air filter inside the machine, helping you to save a considerable amount of money.

– Always keep the machine running: Most air purifiers on the market have an AUTO mode. You can leave the machine running all day with this mode and the machine will automatically adjust the capacity to suit the air quality each time. One more thing, air purifiers usually have quite a small electrical capacity, usually only the size of a 60W fluorescent lamp only.

– Care to preserve the filter element: The internal filter is the most characteristic part of the air purifier. You need to pay attention to periodic maintenance and cleaning (Usually 2 weeks) by many different ways (using a soft bristle brush, removing dust, dusting, …) to prolong the life of the filter.
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